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7-Figure Blueprint Coaching Program
Jason & Erika Miller
Marketing Experts, Traffic Experts, Authors, Coaches, Mentors and Military Veterans
Founders: 7-Figure Blueprint Coaching Program

Jason and Erika Miller pride themselves in serving the marketing community by providing quality content, advice, tips and strategies to business owners. Jason and Erika are also huge supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project and many other organizations.
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 Our Story and How We Got Here!
 Why You Need a Coach and Mentor!
"Our Coaching Will NOT Simply "Reveal" How To Get Your First Online Sale. We Will Personally Take You Through The Entire Process Live! Plus We Won’t Charge You The Over Priced and Often Under Delivered “Guru” Price!"
Get A Free Skype Account And We Will Personally Walk You Through Every Click And Every Step On The Way To Your First Online Sale In Your Business! We Will Do So At A Fraction Of The Cost Of A “GURU”!
From the desk of Jason and Erika Miller

Dear Friend,

If you're serious about making money online but don't know how to get started than this is going to be the most useful page you've read all day.

Because we're going to walk you through the process of getting started online.

We both come from a military background of service to our country and we had a vision for a better quality of life after military service. A quality of life that aligned with what both of us wanted for the future; having the freedom to live in any desired location of our choice, more time to travel, and most importantly, to start a family and be able to raise our children, not daycares and babysitters.

So we had to make a decision on where we were going…

The long hours, constant military moves, deployments, and the typical stressors that burden many military families were really the catapult that launched us into our research on how to build and sustain a profitable online home-based business.

Through commitment, consistency and a really good COACH, we have achieved our ultimate goal. We have absolutely no stress for what the future holds, because as long as we have an internet connection, our business can be operated lucratively anywhere in the world.

We are extremely passionate about sharing our story to those that desire a higher quality of life and personal and financial freedom. Becoming the CEO of your own life is the ultimate personal growth and success story, and helping others realize that through creative entrepreneurship opportunities is why we are here.

Just to give you a little background information on us and our journey! 

We both come from military/government serviced-based careers. Erika is a military veteran and spouse with two Masters degrees. As a military spouse, the stress of having a professional career and not just working job-to-job became increasingly difficult when the economy tanked in 2008. It took her almost four years to bounce back and during these tough times she knew there had to be a better way than simply being chained to this government work system she worked so hard to be a part of.

Jason’s 20+ years of military experience, ironically, brought him to where he is today; a leader, expert, and trainer in the internet marketing industry. He spends much of his free time as a dedicated coach where he helps new and aspiring entrepreneurs get started. Jason describes himself as a “self-taught, got my degree from the school of YouTube” kind of marketer. Proving that anyone can succeed in business when given the mentorship of a coach that will be there to help steer the ship in the right direction.

When we first started out online, we had to figure out for ourselves how to market and how to get traffic to our website to get sales. We’re still not technical experts, but the systems do the work for us so we don't have to know the technical details involved and you don't need to know them either to make money online.

Basically, there are three elements you need to create an online income:

• You need to have a top quality, high-converting product that is genuinely desired by your target market

• You’ll also need great marketing systems, sales copy, videos, and emails because all these things are necessary to turn visitors into buyers

Most important is TRAFFIC; the secret to selling online
We Are Going To Take Your Hand And Guide You Through The Maze To Your First Sales In Your Online Business!
The internet marketing world can be a confusing mess of different ideas, strategies, technology and opinions. It's no surprise that many people find it difficult just to get their first sale in their online business.

This is why we're going to sit with you and guide you through the whole process, from start to finish. We'll share screens via Skype and show you where to click, what to write and how to set everything up from scratch. 

We'll go through where to place your ads and how to track your results.

...And we'll do it all together live, online, during the call.
We Got You Covered, You Can Look Over Our Shoulder The Entire Time!
That's the difference between simply buying an eBook and working with a traffic coach and marketing expert. We're going to sit there with you and go through every step you need to take to get started.

If you're already doing some business online we'll help take your traffic and your earnings to the next level. We’ve done significant numbers online and we’ve been where you are now, and because of that, we know what's required to move forward.

Wherever you are in your online journey, we've got you covered and can help you scale your online business.
Here Are Your Options For Getting Traffic & Sales In Your Online Business!
Option 1:  Become a Marketing Expert!

Your time cost:  very high
Your financial cost:  even higher

This is a route that many entrepreneurs try to take. They buy every eBook, study courses, read articles, go to seminars, watch webinars, and spend every cent they have learning how to generate traffic.

That’s ok if you can afford to invest the time and money, but buying tons of products and traveling to seminars can get quite expensive. Not to mention the time you’ll spend reading, watching and trying to digest it all.

It’s simply information overload for most people, even if they can afford the investment. Then, Google moves the goal post and you start from square one all over again.

It’s no wonder so many people give up on their hopes and dreams of a successful online business

Option 2:  Hire a Marketing Company!

Your time cost:  low
Your financial cost:  high to very high

There are thousands of companies out there claiming to be, "Google Gurus," promising to get you to page one of Google. This can be a valid marketing strategy if you do it right. The trouble is, how do you know who to trust?

There are a million online marketing companies who promise to get you on the first page of Google, but few who actually deliver. You’ll find plenty of hype and big claims but it’s easy to lose your money and get very little in the way of results from these firms. Good ones do exist, but it’s a jungle out there.

Here is the bad news, your Google ranking could plummet overnight for no reason. It’s a risky strategy because you’re relying on others to keep your traffic flowing in.
Neither Of These Options Sound Very Appealing Do They?
Until recently, these were just about the only two choices you had available to you if you wanted to start selling online. You either had to do all the work yourself, or trust someone with dubious credentials to grow your business.

However; for a limited time we want to offer you a third option which will save you a ton of both time and money:
Option 3: Work With Us As Your Experts Looking Over Your Shoulder!
• Time cost:  very low (we get you up and running fast)!
• Financial cost:  very low (no “GURU” prices) - See Below...

Here's how you can finally get your first sale online or the next level of sales without wasting money on fruitless traffic methods or marketing companies that don't earn their keep.

In these sessions, the secrets to getting profitable traffic and up-to-date marketing strategies will be revealed. It may even be the first time you've actually been told the truth.

Because there are a number of courses online that give you easy answers, or outdated information that doesn't work anymore, and even some push-button software that promises to magically bring in traffic without you doing or spending anything.
Imagine Being Able To Generate Profitable Traffic To Your Online Business On Demand! Day And Night...
This is for YOU if:

• You're sick and tired of having all the information in the world, but you are confused where to start

• You're overwhelmed with all the different ways of getting traffic and marketing strategies to your site and can't decide which one is the best

• You want to replace your current income with a full-time online business but haven't quite gotten there yet

• You're actually getting quite a lot of traffic but your offers are not converting and you suspect you're not getting the right kind of traffic. (This is more common than you may think).

We’re going to keep things simple here. You know you need traffic and a marketing strategy to make sales online but getting it is easier said than done. There are a million different ways to make a sale and that's the problem, right?
You're In Luck - We Can Short-Cut Your Learning Curve, And We Can Do It Fast!
Are you having these traffic and marketing problems?

• Looking for free traffic to get started? We can show you several zero-cost traffic strategies you can get started with before you invest money in traffic

• Are you struggling to get traffic that converts to an opt-in or sale? You'll discover how to get high quality traffic that is eager to buy your product immediately!

• No consistency? Allow us to show you how to set up regular traffic and marketing strategies that will continue to provide you with visitors and paychecks on an ongoing basis
Here Are 7 Reasons Why Someone May Think They're NOT Ready To Book Sessions With Us Right Now!
"I'm just so confused - I don't know if I should try getting traffic, or improve my website, or what?" This is an issue a lot of people experience. Especially when they're new to internet marketing. It's another reason you need a traffic and marketing coach to help you find the best traffic method and strategy for YOU and focus on mastering that.

"I can browse the web and send an email but that's about the limit of my technical skills. How could I ever become a traffic or marketing expert?"  We are not "techies" yet we consistently deliver results for ourselves and our clients. If you can point and click a mouse, and type a few sentences you can get traffic and implement a solid marketing strategy.

"How do I know you can help me?" Great question. Simple answer... To become a marketing expert you need to know how to get traffic and you also need to be currently getting traffic yourself! We are not "textbook experts." We are real people who are doing it every day and making money in our online business.

"I don't want to spend too much money on getting traffic."  We understand completely, but remember this isn't a cost like office equipment or a power bill. An investment in traffic should always give you a positive return on your money. If it doesn't that's all the more reason why you need the help of a SERIOUS coach that will provide you with results!

"I'm already getting traffic but no sales! I need a better website, not more traffic." It's a common problem and it's probably the quality of your traffic that's the problem. We can help you with this too!

"I'm already getting plenty of sales". If so, awesome! It looks like you're doing great, however, you need to constantly "sharpen the saw" to stay ahead of the competition and grow your business.

"I don't want to buy myself a lot of extra work - I'm already busy enough!"  This is exactly why you need a traffic and marketing coach. We'll help you with strategies that you can "set-and-forget." You'll learn how to leverage small changes into big results. The sessions themselves are 60 minutes long, which no one else does in this industry. Most “coaches” only allocate 30 minutes to a call. This is simply not enough time to help you achieve real results. This is why we're so much different than the “Guru” out there - big money, little time spent with you and very little result!
You'll Also Get The Unedited MP3 Recordings Of All Your Sessions For FREE!
If you are expecting to madly scribble down notes or setting a recorder next to the phone or computer, you don't need to. We will record every minute of the call and send you an MP3 file of the recording absolutely free.

This way you'll end up with a vault of traffic and marketing secrets that you can refer back to at any time. It will be a completely unique and customized to-your-needs "home study course" you can use for years to come.

This is like being able to call us back at any time and ask us to give you that special strategy again. How much is that worth to you?  To be very conservative, let's just say it's worth one extra call at $399 - included free.
We Will NOT Break The Bank With Over Hyped “GURU” Coaching Prices That Will Under Deliver Time And Time Again!
Remember, this is an investment, not an expense. In business, expenses are things like office equipment, bills, and wages. We won’t break the bank like a big “GURU.” Most of the “GURU” coaches out there don't even practice what they preach!

But money spent on marketing is an investment because you should expect a return on your money. Some online business owners spend quite a lot of money on getting traffic and coaching because it makes them even more in return.

In your case: If you're not really making the sales you want to make we will make it a priority to rectify that situation. We'll work hard and fast to get that first sale for you or help you scale your business from your current numbers.

We thought long and hard about the pricing for these sessions because those who need them most are often the ones who can afford them least.

With us in your corner helping you generate big traffic numbers, you will be able to get a fast and sizable return on your money, once our strategies are implemented. In fact, if we can't make you a measly $1,000 in sales from the ideas we give you on one call, we're just not doing our job.

Therefore, if we priced these sessions at $550 or even $1000 each for a 1 hour call, they'd be a wise investment and still cheaper than the “GURU” price.

But we’re not asking anywhere near that much. They're not even $450 each for a 1 hour call, even though this price would be doubling your money!

To make these invaluable sessions extremely accessible to everyone, we've kept the investment very low at $399 for a 1 hour session. Which is over a $200 saving compared to the “GURU” price! And the more sessions you buy, the cheaper it is per session! It’s our surefire way of ensuring your success!

Even better - We can give you a bulk discount:

3 x 1 Hr. Coaching Action Sessions at $997, Today’s Savings: $803

5 x 1 Hr. Coaching Action Sessions at $1597, Today’s Savings: $1403

10 x 1 Hr. Coaching Action Sessions at $2197, Today’s Savings: $3803

15 x 1 Hr. Coaching Action Sessions at $3197, Today’s Savings: $5803
Here's What We Want You To Do Now...
Simply choose the package you want from the below and click the red button to claim your spot. We'll reach out to you to schedule your first session within 24-48 hours. That first session will usually take place within a week from now, but often sooner.
The Strategy Session
1 x 10 Minute Coaching Strategy Session 

Investment: Free

“GURU” Price: $59

Today’s Savings: $59 

No MP3 recordings
The Fast Lane 
1 x 1 Hour Coaching Action Session 

Investment: $399

“GURU” Price: $600

Today’s Savings: $201

+Free MP3 recordings
The Action Taker
3 x 1 Hour Coaching Action Sessions 

Investment: $997

“GURU” Price: $1,800

Today’s Savings: $803

+Free MP3 recordings
5 x 1 Hour Coaching Action Sessions 

Investment: $1,597

“GURU” Price: $3,000

Today’s Savings: $1,403

+Free MP3 recordings
10 x 1 Hour Coaching Action Sessions

Investment: $2,197

“GURU” Price: $6,000

Today’s Savings: $3,803

+Free MP3 recordings
Business Builder
15x 1 Hour Coaching Action Sessions

Investment: $3,197

“GURU” Price: $9,000

Today’s Savings: $5,803

+Free MP3 recordings
It's up to you! Is 1 hour of your time and a few dollars’ worth trading for the secrets to generating traffic and setting a marketing strategy in place to produce sales for a lifetime?

Choose a package from the above and reserve your spot with us right now. We'll schedule your first call and you'll never look back.

So now that you’ve heard our story, what we can do to help you and how we got to where we are, we challenge you to start writing down what it is that you want in your life and if you have a family, what you want for them. We can tell you there is no greater happiness than the freedom to have personal and professional choices when money is not an object. 

Don’t chase the money. The money will come. Chase what it is you’re passionate about because when you do that you give yourself a purpose, and when passion and purpose collide you are your most powerful self.

As a final thought, a good friend of ours once said, “get paid for your own personal value, not for doing things.” In other words, society, more specifically, the school systems tell us we have to work for someone else and get paid to do things if we want to be successful. This is old world thinking! We are not human-doings, we are human-beings, so why not create the life you want and simultaneously get paid to live it.

The key ingredient you are missing right now is a Coach!

Warm regards,
Jason and Erika Miller

P.S. If you've got a million strategies but don't know how to get started you need to read this entire page if you haven't done so already. Then, act on its advice.

P.P.S. And if you're already doing business online but can't quite make the transition to the next level - we're a perfect fit for you.

P.P.P.S. We are real entrepreneurs who are currently driving a lot of traffic to our own funnels. We’re not "armchair experts" who only know the theory. We are actually doing it every day in our own online business!
Student Testimonials - A Sampling!
"I love that Jason is honest about business! It takes determination and patience. Jason’s coaching style is down-to-earth and easy to understand to lay people. Those that are new to business will be able to implement the scenarios discussed with ease! I sent him an email not quite understanding a few things and Jason took it upon himself to call me. After our call I was able to relax and understand the process better. I really appreciate Jason for reaching out to me the way he did. I'm lucky to have such an awesome coach!!! I felt confident that I could effectively apply the strategies my coach taught me. Jason Miller is wonderful!"

Daphne H.
"Jason Miller has been a pleasure to work with. Once I found out we had military background we hit it off. Jason has been great explaining everything from the beginning. We have worked together to where I have my autoresponder set up completely and I'm ready to start building my email list for my business. He has been great with checking over my work to make sure I'm doing it right and when I'm not he explains in detail of what I need to change and why. Awesome Coach!! What is great is I can always send a text through Skype and he always gets back to me quickly. It's nice to know he is just a click away.

What I like about Jason is I feel we will be friends even after our coaching lessons are over with. He is just that type of a person that makes you feel like a friend. He doesn't over power you with information and makes sure your comfortable with what you need to be doing. He makes you feel comfortable to talk to and ask those dumb questions. All I can say is I am thankful to have Jason Miller as my coach. Perfect fit!"

Tanya C.
"Jason is great to work with. He is very knowledgeable with what he is teaching. I have never done anything online before so he makes sure I understand things before we move on to something more. I am a very simple person and Jason talks to me and teaches me in a simple form. I really like that and respect that. It makes me feel I can do this and I can make my business successful and that means a lot to me."

Scott C.
"Jason gets right to business AND is a great listener AND effectively moves the iceberg (me) in the right direction. It's great to know that I'm getting MAXIMUM value from every minute during my coaching sessions. Also, Jason's "no hype" approach to coaching is refreshing and effective. His ability to communicate with laser focus helps expand my vision AND confidence about my Internet business. This comes in handy when I'm spinning my wheels from information overload. Jason’s mastery of skills necessary to be a coach are GREATLY APPRICIATED! Looking forward to all future sessions!"

Mario S.
"Jason told me he was "fast and furious", but he graciously slowed down when I needed him to do that for me. He has been very encouraging and made himself available for brief Skype messages between sessions too. He is a gem! Even though he likes to go fast, he was able to slow down for me when needed. He has been very encouraging and he is a warm person."

Kathryn M.
"Jason is very knowledgeable. He is also very thoughtful and kind. I am feeling a little overwhelmed after this last session but I am determined to make my business work. Right now I have many more questions but hopeful they can be answered.

I felt confident that I could effectively apply the strategies Jason taught me. He is very thorough and he was always right on schedule. Jason is a keeper!!"

Luella B.
"I needed some remedial training on basic computer fundamentals and he directed me to an excellent source. Jason is very intelligent; I believe I am learning in a manner that will be highly profitable to my business. I am very lucky to have Jason as my coach!" 

Lance N.
"Jason does a great job and goes the extra mile to make sure I understand what he says. He goes above and beyond the time allotment with me and coaches me on my schedule not his due to my work schedule. Jason is a gem and anyone needing coaching best do what ever it takes to get on board with him. He’s very down to earth talks like he’s not better then you and understands where you are and trying to get. Jason also speaks in terminology I can understand which is super important!"

Troy H.
"I have had 2 sessions with Jason Miller, plus I've gone through his training on YouTube. He is EXCELLENT. Jason is very easy to understand and very encouraging during our sessions. I was very impressed with Jason's dedication to his trainees as he was even doing coaching sessions with them on Skype while on vacation. Now that is DEDICATION!! 

His willingness to talk to us on our level and coach us through our questions and problems is amazing. We are looking forward to continuing our training with him when we arrive home from our trip. Jason doesn't hold anything back when he is teaching us and we really appreciate his openness. He is an Amazing Asset to have on your side in business and definitely to Avery and I."

Avery and Nina E.
"I love Jason. He is clear and well spoken. He understands my level and talks to where I am at in my business. He is patient with me and answers all my questions. He works well with my learning pace and me. He often spends more than the allotted with me on the Skype. He is thorough and keeps us on the subject matter. He is understanding of where I am at and able to move at my pace. Very open and willing to help me improve. Jason is a strong individual with good skills and good with people. I am very pleased with him and glad he is my coach."

Kim V.
"Jason may have been the absolutely perfect coach selection for me. I like his instruction methods and his ability to reduce the complex to the understandable. His willingness to happily spend more than the allocated time is much appreciated by me.

Friendly, punctual, knowledgeable, disciplined in staying on topic till I fully understood the subject. Always willing to critique and advise on copy. Provided answers to questions outside of the allotted and required time allocation. All in all a true professional who tells it like it is.

With still many more sessions available to me with Jason I would have to say I am deeply impressed with the caliber and integrity of his coaching. I'm happy that Jason is my coach. I believe it's a good fit."

Peter G.
"Jason has been very good about insuring that I know and can use each of the steps he is teaching me and he does not close off the call until he is sure I am fully up to speed on what he is teaching. I have been trying to understand this whole process for over 2 years and he is the first person who really put it into prospective so I could understand. I am an engineer by trade and making traffic work for me is very different than anything I have tried to do before in my career and I finally feel I understand enough to make it work for me.

He took his time to insure I was fully on board with what he wanted to teach me before we went to something new even though I was pushing him to move faster which he though if he did it would confuse me and he was probably correct. He is a great coach and a major asset and I look forward to meeting him in person at some point."

Howard E.

"I am glad to have Jason Miller as my coach. He makes sure I understand every pointer that He gave me. His coaching is done with clarity, he makes sure I understand everything I am taught/guided.

Should I get stuck when I am trying the implementation, I just need to shoot him an email, and he will respond. I look forward to a successful future with business as a result of Jason Miller's guidance."

Regina C.
"Jason has been an awesome coach so far, I have had 2 sessions with him. He takes his time explaining everything and answering questions. He even takes extra time beyond the allocated time if necessary. Two thumbs up for Jason Miller!!

He seems genuinely interested in teaching what he knows to me. I think he is a terrific coach and I am very satisfied so far with the 2 sessions I have had."

Diane P.

...And Many, Many More!!! These Are Just A Few!!!
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